2010 Materials

Saturday, 20th November

Meder Kydryraliev

 Milking a Horse or Executing Remote Code in Modern Java Web Frameworks

Andrew Griffiths

 Breaking Linux Security Protections


 Breaking Virtualization by switching the CPU to Virtual 8086 Mode

Jarrod Loidl

 No Holds Barred’ Penetration Testing


Matt J

 Killing the Elephant in the Room - Enterprise Vulnerability Management Tactics

Nicolas Waisman

 Padding Oracle for the Masses

Billy Rios

 Will it Blend


Automatically Identifying C structs from Binaries 


Ben Nagy

 Prospecting for Rootite: More Code Coverage, More Bugs, Less Wasted Effort


Louis Nyffenegger

 Web Scanners FOR THE WIN...

Brett Moore

 DEP in Depth

Michael Jordon

 Red Teaming


Sean Heelan

Code Analysis Carpentry


Edward Farrell

 RFID Security

Sunday, 21st November

Ryan O'Neill

 Instrumenting the Linux Kernel with Kprobes for Anti-Security

Jaco van Heerden


Mark Goudie

 We’ve been hacked! What went wrong and why

Silvio Cesare

 Fast Automated Unpacking and Classification of Malware

Mark Chaffe

The Australian Internet Security Initiative - Fighting Botnets at the Source

Stephen Glass & Matt Robert

 Security in Public-Safety Radio Systems, APCO Project 25

Tim Kornau (Zynamics)

Everybody be cool this is a Roppery!

Peter Hanney

 Hooray for Reading: The Kindle and You

Alex Tilley

This Job makes you Paranoid

Matthew de Carteret

 Ghost in the Shell(code)

Nick Klein

 How to do Real World Computer Forensics ... and not get Burned

David Jorm

 Virtualization Security State of the Union

Adam Daniel

The Computer Forensic & eDiscovery Tools that Time Forgot

Daniel Grzelak

 Understanding the Java Serialization Attack Surface